The Barrio Logan Community Plan adopted in 2013, was repealed by referendum in 2014. The 2013 Community Plan provided a long-range physical development guide for elected officials, property owners and citizens. The plan established specific goals and policies consistent with the General Plan and City of Villages strategy, and provide direction on what types of future uses and public improvements should be developed in Barrio Logan.


The City conducted a multi-year community outreach process, where valuable community information was received through community outreach meetings. The Community Plan Update Stakeholder Committee helped identify issues and develop plan goals and policies. Broad public input was obtained through a series of workshops where residents, employees, property owners, advocacy groups, and the surrounding neighborhoods, weighed in on issues and provided recommendations.


The update process included extensive community and policymaker engagements that were conducted in English and Spanish. The community confirmed its values and developed a set of planning principles that were used as criteria in creating land use scenarios.


To address the incompatible land uses that are described above, the City of San Diego worked with the community and stakeholders to update the Barrio Logan Community Plan, which was adopted by the San Diego City Council in 2013. Specifically, the 2013 Community Plan Update intended to:

  • Address existing collocation issues by establishing a buffer to separate incompatible uses;

  • Increase the number of allowable housing units;

  • Provide sufficient public facilities; and

  • Encourage new retail and community serving commercial uses throughout the community.

The Community Plan was repealed in June 2014 due to a ballot referendum.

The current Community Plan for the Barrio Logan community is the 1978 Barrio Logan Community Plan.